Video Production
PPL's studio is a favourite venue for producing TV advertisements, corporate and product presentations, as well as training and educational videos.
Oyster Marine Nice Media
State-of-the-art superyacht construction at the RMK Marine shipyard in Tusla, Istanbul, Turkey. RMK, Oyster Marine and yacht designer Ed Dubious have formed a partnership to produce 100 and 125ft composite superyachts using an aerospace standard one-shot infusion process to maximise strength and fairness of line. Nice Media has used PPL's studio to film a wide selection of educational, training and information videos. This clip offers advice to corporate managers from Tom Hickmore on how to present yourself in front of the camera.
"This is a great studio facility within half an hour of Brighton, with plenty of free parking and a friendly, welcoming service from PPL's team. Nothing is too much trouble for them."
Littleloud Channel 4 promo: Bow Street Runner
12 hours in the studio resulted in 3 minutes and 40 seconds of carnage. Littleloud recently shot a music video for electric pop group, Kovak at PPL's Studio, filmed backwards and in one take. Littleloud shot the award-winning video game Bow Street Runner for Channel 4 in the PPL Studio. The studio and infinity wall were painted Chroma Key green for the actors to play their scenes against. The Georgian backgrounds were added later in post production
Primary Music Specialist
Primary Music Specialist made the most of the double infinity wall in PPL's studio to produce a series of music, singing and action videos for use as teaching aids in primary schools. "This is a great studio facility and we made most of the excellent acoustics and blank infinity wall. It was the perfect venue for filming our music activity videos. Being able to use the studio at weekends also suited us, and the large car park and separate rehearsal area was an additional asset."
Sally Wagter – Music Director, Primary Music Specialist
﷯ Nice Media
﷯ Littleloud
﷯ Primary Music Specialist Facilities
﷯ 30ft x 30ft x 12ft studio
﷯ Adjustable overhead lighting racks
﷯ 15ft Double infinity curve
﷯ 19ft x 11.5ft room set area with adjustable panels for doors, windows and fireplaces
﷯ 8ft x 8ft door access to studio
﷯ Sound-proofed changing and makeup room
﷯ Chroma key green/blue availability
﷯ Rehearsal area
﷯ Ample free parking for the entire crew
﷯ Choice of restaurants and hotels nearby
﷯ Full service photography, video and sound team available
﷯ Lighting, set design, construction, make-up and pre and post production editors and technicians
﷯ Dry studio hire

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