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Studio to rent PPL's soundproofed, drive-in studio is the perfect venue for picturing room sets, vehicles, products large and small, as well as producing TV advertising and training videos. The 8.5×5.7m working space includes a room set area and double infinity wall. There is also a sound proofed changing/make-up room and equipment area. Set designers, builders, studio assistants and make-up artists are also available. Situated in Walberton, West Sussex, PPL is within a stone's throw of the A27, midway between Chichester and Arundel. The Hilton Hotel is within walking distance and there is budget priced over night accommodation, a choice of restaurants and pubs within 1/2 a mile. Make-up services, room set makers, experienced technical assistants and a studio equipment rental company are also available on request and there is ample free parking. Click here to view our location
Price List Studio prices are as follows (all excluding VAT): Studio - photography: ﷯ Per day (8 hours) £140
﷯ Per half day (4 hours) £75
﷯ Per hour (min 2 hours) £25 Studio - video production: ﷯ Per day (8 hours) £220
﷯ Per half day (4 hours) £125 *Studio lights available for hire at competitive prices
Facilities ﷯ Creative photography and high-end retouching
﷯ Product video clips
﷯ TV advertising and training films
﷯ Dry Studio hire ﷯ 30ft x 30ft x 12ft high sound-proofed studio
﷯ Adjustable overhead lighting racks
﷯ 15ft Double infinity curve
﷯ 19ft x 11.5ft room set area with adjustable panels for doors, windows and fireplaces
﷯ 8ft x 8ft door access to studio
﷯ Sound-proofed changing and makeup room
﷯ Chroma key green/blue availability
﷯ Rehearsal area
﷯ Free parking for the entire crew and clients
﷯ Choice of restaurants and hotels within 1 mile
﷯ Lighting, set design, construction, make-up and pre and post production technicians
Last Minute Booking Discounts! Times are tough, budgets are limited and we at PPL want to do our bit to help maximise your production budget. Call us to book the day before and if the studio is free you can have 50% off the hire cost. Don't delay - call us today on: 01243 55 55 61

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