PPL offers a wide range of photo/video services: ﷯ Vehicles
﷯ Product Shots
﷯ Food & Drink
﷯ Location
﷯ Corporate Portraiture
﷯ School Photography Facilities
﷯ 30ft x 30ft x 12ft studio
﷯ Adjustable overhead lighting racks
﷯ 15ft Double infinity curve
﷯ 19ft x 11.5ft room set area with adjustable panels for doors, windows and fireplaces
﷯ 8ft x 8ft door access to studio
﷯ Sound-proofed changing and makeup room
﷯ Chroma key green/blue availability
﷯ Rehearsal area
﷯ Ample free parking for the entire crew
﷯ Choice of restaurants and hotels nearby
﷯ Full service photography, video and sound team available
﷯ Lighting, set design, construction, make-up and pre and post production editors and technicians
﷯ Dry studio hire

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